From Analog to Digital, old school to state of the art, kHill Productions has a solution that will fit your budget and your event.


Analog Consoles:                         Loudspeakers:

Allen Heath                                  JBL SRX 

DDA CS8                                     JBL  PRX

Midas                                          JBL  VRX

                                                  JBL Vertec

Digital Consoles:

Mackie DL                                   EAW LA Series

PreSonus                                    EAW KF Series 

Soundcraft Vi

                                                Drive Rack - Effects:   

Analog Amplifiers:                       XTA, BSS, DBX, Kark Teknik

Crown Macro-Tech i                     Lexicon, Helicon



Digital Amplifiers:

Crown  I-Tech